The Legend of Crazy Craig and the Cheeky Monkey


Craig was just an average farm boy from Nebraska who married a country girl he met at the County Fair. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1974 and after boot camp , where he graduated without ever learning to swim. (crazy huh?) and computer school, he was stationed in Washington, D.C. (on dry land fortunately).
He served there quietly for three years until he was selected by President Jimmy Carter for a secret mission to go to Panama to prepare the Panama Canal station computer system for the handover of the Canal to the Panamanian government (crazy huh?).
While enroute to Panama that night his ship ran into rough seas northeast of Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. Craig had been standing deck watch when he was washed overboard. Because he couldn’t swim he was counting on his lifejacket to save him. Crew members were unable to locate him and he was washed ashore the next day on a deserted island (crazy huh?).

As he woke from his island slumber, his first conscious thought that morning was, “Who is poking me?” That is when he saw a monkey that was poking him with a branch from a coconut tree and laughing each time. He was surrounded by about a dozen more of his kind but they all kept their distance except this one peculiar little monkey.
He was a brave, fun, sassy & cheeky fellow to which Craig grew attached. “Cheeky Monkey” is what he came to call him during the weeks he was stranded on the island. He survived on coconut milk and meat from the coconuts Cheeky Monkey would toss down to him from the trees.
When rescued, Craig brought Cheeky Monkey with him and he became like one of the family and even today seems quite human.

Today both Crazy Craig and the Cheeky Monkey can be seen at their bar in Branson, MO.
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Some literary license has been taken in the telling of this story !!!